Sulguji Cha
Bukchon-ro, Seoul

'Sulguji Cha' is prefabricated furniture to support various outdoor activities taking place in the city. Water, fire, and light can be used.

‘Sulguji Cha’ was initiated by the request from Marche@friends. As Marche@friends was in need of equipment for a portable kitchen, they requested a solution to resolve their real problems and difficulties. Sulguji Cha is a tool that triggers community and a platform where the audience could meet with farmers, chefs, and artisans in close proximity through the city market in the form of workshops in various locations in one.

Exhibition title: Spring of Pyeongchang
Exhibition date: 2017.4.25 - 2017.5.9
Client: Korea Craft & Design Foundation
Venue: Culture Station Seoul 284

Exhibition title: Activating the City (Urban Gastronomy)
Exhibition date: 2016.12.5 - 2017.3.19
Client: MMCA(National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art)
Venue: Seoul